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Can I use the backing tracks for my theater’s upcoming performances?

The purchase of these tracks does not grant you any Grand Rights (the right to perform a piece of musical theater) to a show, or any right to the underlying composition, or any other right to publicly perform our recording.

Therefore, you will need to purchase a Theater Use License from The Theater Use price is $49 per song, and allows you unlimited performances of our sound recording in your theater. We offer the same license for an entire album at a discount.

You will also need to obtain Grand Rights to perform the show from the show's publisher (i.e. MTI, R&H, etc), as a license to use our recording is not a license to perform the show!

To obtain a Theater Use license, click on the track or album that you wish to license, and then click the License for Theater link. The license will be added to your cart. Please note that our full albums and theater licenses still only come with the tracks shown on the detail page -- no additional music is provided.

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